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Transform Your Dating Life

In 10 Weeks

Discover the Powerful Program that will Transform Your Dating Life! Attract Women Naturally, and Find Relationship Success!

Imagine the Life You've Always Wanted:

  • Imagine being able to walk up to any woman and ask her out.

  • Imagine knowing exactly what to say and have her focused on you.

  • Finally escape the friend-zone for good.

  • Imagine being the one to date her, instead of sitting on the sidelines watching other men get dates.

  • Imagine having a thriving dating life, filled with satisfying connections with women.  

  • Imagine feeling like you can be your best self naturally, confident in what you have to say and who you are.

I’m Margaret, clinical therapist turned dating & relationship coach for men.

I created Elevated Man to help you learn the skills to date better, and find meaningful relationships.

Meet, Attract & Date High Value Women

Want the secrets???

See how Elevated Man can change your dating life, skyrocket your confidence 

around women and go on more dates!

online dating coach for men

How It Works:

10 Weeks of 1:1 coaching sessions via zoom call.

Personalized growth assignments aimed at targeting your specific needs are given each week.

Ongoing, unlimited, text & email support.

Cloudy Mountain

Feel Confident = Be Confident

  • Convey your best self through speech & body language.

  • Amplify your most attractive qualities.

  • Learn psychologically-based mindset shifts to change how you feel about yourself.

  • Get feedback & suggestions on elevating your overall look.

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Festive Party

Connect With Women

  • Naturally attract women.

  • Approach women with success and manage fears of rejection.

  • Flirt naturally!

  • Engage women in meaningful conversation-no more awkward silences.

  • Understand the psychology behind attraction & the qualities drive women's attraction to men.

  • Learn what women want and what turns them off.

  • Connect with women & get phone numbers!

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Couple in Nature

Go On Dates!

  • Plan great dates.

  • Learn how to pick venues that best fit your personality.

  • Texting strategies to avoid ghosting behavior.

  • Learn how to 'lead' and increase her attraction to you.

  • Increase her emotional investment in you.

  • Get a second, third date, learn to how sustain connection and attraction.

  • Escalate naturally from first touch to first kiss.

dating coach for men

Online Dating Not Working?

Uncover my tips and tricks to getting more matches, and turning matches into dates! Instantly download your Dating App Guidebook!

online dating help for men

Does this sound familiar?

  • Spend tons of time crafting the perfect, thoughtful message, only for her to NEVER answer.

  • Wondering why she even matched with you if she was never going to respond?

  • Feeling like dating apps are just a game for models?

  • Spending hours on the app thoughtfully reading profiles, and swiping but never getting matches?

Grab the Free Guide Now!

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