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Should You Get Her A Christmas Gift?

What to get her for the holidays, if anything at all!

Should you buy her a gift for the holidays?


Christmas is coming, Hanukah is coming. Do you buy her a gift?


You may be wracking your brain trying to figure out what to get her. Maybe you want to get her something related to a hoby that she enjoys. Maybe a toy for her dog?


If you are going crazy trying to figure out what to get her, I want you to pause for a moment, and ask yourself: should I get her a gift?


If you are not in a relationship with her. The answer is no.

Is it really that clear cut across the board?


No, nothing ever is. But the general rule of thumb I tell the men I coach is that if you are not in a committed relationship with a woman, you do not buy her a gift for the holidays.


Why? Because giving her a gift when she has not committed to only seeing you not only makes you appear to not have any other options, it puts you in a place of assuming the depth of your relationship.


Additionally, it can make her feel like you’re pushing for things to be something they are not and this could stop her seeing you altogether.


Still really want to get her something?



Let me share some exceptions to the above rule…



Do you see her consistently more than once per week?

Does she respond to your texts same day?

Is she consistent in the signals she sends you?

Have you kissed her?

Have you held hands, been physical in any way?




If most of the above are yes, then I can support a small thoughtful gift of some kind. However, no jewelry.

Let me say that again. No rings, no bracelets, no necklaces, no earrings!

These are for serious committed relationships.


Partnerships where she has shown you that you are her one and only. Not for anything else.


If you are set on getting her something, and most all of the above are ‘yes’ I would suggest something no more than 50$, if that!


What’s next… do you invite her to your family Christmas party?!


That’s a more complicated one, and one for another post. OR a 1 to 1 personalized coaching session.

Spots are filling up fast before the holidays but I’d love to help support you in your dating journey.


 Lets chat! Book here.

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  • Always being there for her, but never getting the same in return?

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