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If Dating Isn't Fun

You're doing it wrong!

If dating isn’t fun, you’re doing it wrong.


Rejection after rejection.

Getting ghosted.

Freezing up, not knowing what to say to her.

Comparing yourself to all the “good daters”

Being single for the millionth year in a row…


Its easy to see why dating might not be fun for you.


But the best piece of advice I can give you here is that if dating isn’t fun you are going to have a super hard time finding someone to date.


Let me tell you why…


If you are living your life with a negative mindset about dating: it’s hard, I will never find the one for me, there’s too much competition, I don’t have what women want, I am awkward.


You will only have negative experiences dating.


Think about it this way, when you are in a good mood, its hard for things to bring you down when you're in the positive mood, right?


When you're in a bad mood, things just seem to get worse and worse.


It’s the same with dating.

And this goes back to the fun part.


If you're not having FUN you're doing it all wrong. You're taking it too seriously. And this is going to trip you up. Every. Sing. Time (or date).


The reason why you will never succeed if you take dating too seriously is because you will take everything to heart.

This will make you lose your genuine self in the process of dating because you're trying to be whatever you think the woman wants you to be.

And doing this makes you seem like you're not genuine, and that you have no backbone/sense of self/confidence!


Back to the fun part. Dating is a numbers game. Yes. I said it.


Think about it, to find your person, your compatible match, isn’t going to be that easy!!!


You are going to have to meet, and date a lot of people before you find the match for you. And this is OKAY.


The only way to get through all that (sigh) is to have FUN with it!


Think of it this way – you are a human, meeting another human (woman). The two of you are meeting for the first (or second, etc) time to get to know each other. And that’s IT!


During this time, you need to have fun.


Having fun means you are in the moment. Having fun means you are not censoring yourself. Having fun means you are not over thinking. Having fun means you are not telling yourself why you’re not good enough.


If you're not having fun, no woman is going to want to be around you anyhow.


Another way to look at it: stop attaching yourself to the outcome.

Stop needing the date to turn out a certain way. Let this pressure go.


Letting the pressure go will help you relax, have fun, enjoy yourself, and get to know her, naturally!


Easier said than done???


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