Is Dating Coaching  Right for You?

A message from Margaret, to you...


I work with the good guys! What I mean by this is that the coaching programs I offer are not for men looking for a set of pick up lines or ‘tools’ to manipulate women, or rack up as many one night stands as they can. This program is for those men who have all the goodness to give- kindness, honesty, smarts- but can benefit from honing certain skills to get themselves out there, overcome insecurities, and attract wonderful women.


The men that I work with have tons to offer, are successful, have integrity and are goodhearted. My coaching programs offer a guidance system to improve your dating life. I don’t teach you to become someone you are not, you already have your own unique personality that makes you who you are, but stick with me and learn how to build upon this, how to elevate yourself in many areas: communication and connection, how to elevate your look to bring out the best version of yourself, building your confidence, conquering fears of rejection.

You don’t have to be the loud guy at the party garnishing all the attention, but you also don’t have to be the guy who doesn’t know how or why the feminine beauty across the room could ever want to talk to him. If you have not read my about me section detailing why I started this program, I’ll tell you now: women are looking for you. As a woman myself, I can tell you firsthand one of the most common questions ladies are always asking is: “where are all of the good guys?!”

Let's do this!

-Margaret S.