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The 4 Steps of 1:1 Coaching to Change Your Dating Life

elevated man coach for men

Discover the powerful 10-week program that will transform your dating life, teach you how to attract women and find relationship success!

Part I

Be and Feel Confident

  • Understand your inner thought process & manage negative self talk keeping you down

  • Feel strong and confident in your masculine presence

  • Learn how to amplify what makes you naturally attractive

  • Gain clarity about your most compatible partners to increase your success in approaching women

  • Conquer fears of rejection and approach anxiety

  • Complete exercises created specifically for you to improve confidence and practice skills 

Part II

Elevate Your External Expression of Self

  • Learn how your body language impacts how others see you

  • Learn how to be comfortable in your environment and convey confidence

  • Understand how eye contact can make or break attraction

  • Speak and connect with women confidently

  • Learn how to be engaging at all times, no matter what the scenario

  • Get feedback on your overall look with specific guidance on making improvements

Part III

Meet and Connect with Quality Women

  • Learn the best venues in your area to meet women based on your personality

  • Understand how to read subtle cues in conversation and body language

  • Approach women successfully 

  • Master effortless conversation, keep women engaged and focused on you

  • Learn key pieces of psychology that influence attraction, and how to implement them in your interactions

  • Flirt effortlessly

  • Steps to go from grazing her hand to kissing her

  • Make genuine connections and get phone numbers!

Part IV

Go On Successful Dates!

From the first text to first kiss, and beyond, learn how to move forward once you have her number!

  • Know what to text to avoid ghosting behavior

  • How to plan the perfect first date, second, third!

  • Lead with your masculine presence

  • Learn subtle actions to increase her attraction to you

  • Learn the difference between what women say they want and what they need

  • Learn how to manage silence during the date

  • Be in the moment and have fun!

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