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Image by Wes Hicks

Dating Profile Photos

That are killing your online dating life!

Do you have these photos on your dating profile?

These three photos are killing your online dating life.


Your photos are the most important thing on your tinder profile (or bumble, match, hinge, etc!). Before you get worried that you don’t look good enough, notice that I said “photos” and not FACE.


You can have a great face, but if you are making these mistakes with your photos it doesn’t matter. She wont swipe right on your profile.


If you aren’t getting matches, or if you are getting matches, sending an initial message and then getting ghosted the problem begins with your photos (not your face).

I wont completely discount the importance of your image. Things like groomed, clean cut (short) hair 99% of the time, clothing that FITS well, teeth that are white all are important. But, this is for another post, or 1-1 coaching. But in general, you can get pretty far in the online dating realm (and onto actual in person dates!) with the right photos.


There are three types of photos that I see

over and over again on men’s dating profiles:

  1. The super up close photo

  2. The ‘can you tell how small I am?’ photo

  3. The messy, blurry, sloppy photo.


Let me break it down for you.


   1. The super up close photo.

Usually it is at a weird angle, the man’s head is taking up the whole frame, and it’s so close you might even be able to see his nose hairs.

Here’s the thing. Even for a the most handsome man, a super up close photo (of someone we don’t know) tends to turn people off. It's too personal too fast!


This type of photo will make her feel like you are all up in her business. It’s too intense, just too much. So all photos must at the very least have your shoulders in them.

     2. The ‘can you tell how small I am?’ photo.


This one is a photo where the angle, the setting, or your pose/posture basically makes you look meek and small. Even if you are a gentleman of smaller stature, don’t choose a photo that makes you look that way!


Example: no photos with your legs crossed. You should be taking up physical space in the photo. Legs spread, good posture, shoulders open and wide. Photos with your legs crossed make you look small, and it is a feminine pose.


Example: do not be in a group photo as the smallest man. Just don’t do it. Don’t be in a group photo with everyone standing if you are sitting. Better yet, no group photos.

     3. Blurry/sloppy photos.


These photos are low quality. They are grainy, poor resolution, or pixilated. They might be out of focus.


Just burn these. It is 2022, and there is zero excuse for a poor resolution photo. When a woman sees a photo of you that is blurry/low resolution, it lowers your value by 100%. Period. It doesn’t matter what you look like, it makes you look low quality.


Other things to keep in mind:

  • No filters.

  • No emojis.

  • No photos with a weird face, or your tongue sticking out.

  • No text or graphics over photos.

  • No photos where you black the other person out or have oddly cropped out the other person.

  • No shirtless photos.

  • No car selfies (unless you are in a Bentley!)


This was a very to the point, dry post. But it has to be. There is not much room for negotiation as far as what types of photos “work” on a dating profile, and which types of photos will get you a ton of nothing.


If you are feeling completely confused and don’t know where to start, or how to get good photos for your dating profile, I can help!!


I will tell you exactly what needs to go on your profile to increase your matches and get more dates. If you already have a profile, I will help you make the changes necessary to see the results with women you want!


If you are ready – I’d love to chat. Book here.

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