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Your Best Life

Your Vision for Yourself

You are noticed. You are appreciated. You are needed. 

You feel confident, and are secure in yourself, fears of rejection no longer dominate you.

You are able to connect with women, interactions feel natural and enjoyable. Women want to be in your company because of who you are.


How It Works:

Change Your Dating Life

Personalized coaching to help you establish a unique set of skills which are vital to achieving your elevated dating life.

Fully immersive 1:1 coaching experience tailored specifically to you- addressing all facets of your life, each building upon one another to help you obtain the dating life you crave.
This program isn't just about 'getting a date'. It is about elevating your entire being, fully developing and showing your best self to the world!

To be successful in dating & finding love, you need to have a solid understanding of three things: who you are, how women think, how to navigate dates. 


Learn How To:

Keep women engaged, and the conversation flowing

Manage and minimize rejection

Recognize who to approach and when to approach for the best chance of a genuine connection

Get her number and go on dates!

Learn how to flirt and get that first kiss!

Adopt body language that conveys your value

Understand the psychology behind attraction & the qualities drive women's attraction to men

How Do I Get Started, What's the Process Like?

I am excited to get to know you! It starts by meeting with me via video call, if you're local to Dallas/Fort Worth I do in-person meetings. We will talk about your biggest concerns, and any dating history you have. Get started: Book your deep TRUTH call here (it's free)!


- Meet weekly over a video call or in person


-Time between coaching calls is used to practice exercises that have been created specifically for you.

-Ongoing text/email support between coaching calls- you have guidance every step of the way!

-During our 10 weeks together, we will work on 4 areas essential to being successful in dating- ranging from internal thoughts, body language, psychology behind attraction, how to flirt & what to say during the initial approach... all the way to what texts to send! See specifics here.

-Our work together will help you develop a renewed sense of who you are, and confidence in your value. Learn how to manage anxiety and never fear approaching a woman again!

While the coaching process I have designed is life changing, and requires dedication and hard work, it is also fun! I would be honored to serve as both your guide and support through this transformational process.

Talk with Margaret, and learn what is really holding you back from attracting the love of your life!

What Are In-Person Experiences?

You have the option to choose a coaching package that gives you the chance to go out and practice what you are learning in your environment with your coach:

-Feel confident testing your new skills with your coach by your side

-Support & feedback in the moment

-Approach women

-Practice dates

This is the first step in transforming your life, are you ready to take action and make a change?

Elevated Man coaching clients receive ongoing text/email guidance & support during the coaching process:

sending text messages
planning dates
creating/maintaining your dating profile

During our work together, I serve to guide and support you through every aspect of elevating you & your dating life!

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Meet Your Lead.


You may have noticed- I am not a man. Because of this, I offer you a unique inside perspective in helping you to understand women and what they want.  

Hi! I am Margaret, a clinical therapist turned dating coach and the founder of Elevated Man. I started Elevated Man to help men who are not getting what they want out of their dating lives. My experience working as a counselor for couples and women gives me an expert edge to help you develop and elevate your dating life!

My formal training & graduate degree in psychology means that I am a professional at reading people, understanding them and know the keys to fostering connection. I want to pass this on to you so that you can succeed in your dating and love life!

A little about why I developed my dating program for men...

I had dated men who seemed great at first meet, only to find out later they were deceitful and frankly, didn't have the best intentions. This left me constantly wondering, 'where are all the good guys'?! Unfortunately, the majority of the men I would meet were players because these were the men who were confident enough to approach. After figuring this out I decided I had a duty to help the good guys develop their skills and feel confident enough to change their status from seemingly invisible to "here I am!"

Trust me. You are in high demand! Women everywhere are looking for you- but without the confidence, and a few key skills, you're falling flat- afraid to approach, fearing rejection, unable to keep her attention, struggling with conversation. Feel free to reach out- schedule your free discovery call, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Let's work together and get you the dating and love life you crave!


You might be thinking... 'Is this right for me?' or... 'there's no way dating coaching can really help' OR the biggest one- 'this is weird'. We have coaches for all types of things, why not have one for one of the most important things in your life- love & companionship. Remember this: nothing changes unless something changes! 

You have found yourself here for a reason, and I would love to chat about your concerns, questions, and talk more about you and your life to see how I can help you find the dating and love that you crave...

Learn more about how personalized coaching can help you...

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